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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
date issuedDealing with Diversity The Annotated Bibliographyauthor name
2009-01-19Detailed program of proceedings: fifth general convocation -2009-
2008-01-21Detailed program of proceedings: fourth general convocation (morning session)-2008-
2012-05-19Detailed program of proceedings: Seventh general convocation -2012-
2012-05-20Detailed programme of proceedings (external degrees) : 7th general convocation - 2012-
2013-02-06Detailed programme of proceedings (external degrees) : 8th general convocation - 2013-
2013-02-06Detailed programme of proceedings : 8th general convocation - 2013-
2014-05-24Detailed programme of proceedings : 9th general convocation - 2014-
2001-12-28Detailed programme of proceedings : first general Convocation-2001-
2005-05-31Detailed programme of proceedings: third general convocation – 2005-
2013-02-06Detailed programme of proeedings : 8th general convocation - 2013-
2003-12-11Details programme of proceeding : second general convocation - 2003Jayaweera, Swarna
2007-Jan-08Discussion paper for the all party representative committee: main proposals to form the basis of a future constitutionMohideen, M. I. M.
-Discussion papers /Mohideen, MIM.
2003Duplicity in the peace process and North-East Muslim question; report-03 /Mohideen, MIM.
2007-Dec-26Eastern province Muslim politics, ethnic conflict and discriminations.Mohideen, M. I. M.
2008Eastern provincial council election, 10 may 2008 and chief minister Drama; report-41 /Mohideen, MIM.
2003Electoral reforms a Muslim point of view;report-17 /Mohideen, MIM.
2003Electoral reforms a Muslims point of view; report-05 /Mohideen, MIM.
-Electoral reforms in Sri Lanka /Mohideen, MIM.