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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Factors influence the use of social media in tourism tourists perspective in Western provinceMubarak, K. M; Nifla, A. L. F; ; Marketing
2003-02-08Fifth session of peace talks held in Berlin of 7-8 February 2003: committees to address land issues and other areas of mutual concern in the Eastern province; Situation report-31Mohideen, M. I. M.
2012-10-10Forest conservation laws and resettlement of unlawfully displaced Muslim families in October 1990, from Marichchukaddi, Karadikkuli and Paalakkuli areas in Musali DS division, Mannar districtMohideen, M. I. M.
2004-02General Election 2004 forecast; report-13Mohideen, M. I. M.
2012-11-01Human rights violation and war crimes against North-East Muslims in Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
1997ilankai araciyalamaippum teertal muRaicaar ciirtiruttankaLumM.I.M. Mohideen
1997ilankai araciyalamaippum teertalmuRaicaar ciirtiruttankaLumM.I.M. Mohideen
-ilankkayil muslimkal purakkaNikkappatukinRanar (Book Missing)M.I.M. Mohideen
2019Impact of corporate social responsibility on customer loyalty with mediating role of brand trust (with special reference of Ceylon Biscuits Limited in Colombo district)Sheham, A. M; Anupama, P. A. D. N; ; Marketing
2019Impact of demographic factors on consumer attitudes toward organic foods (special reference in Colombo district)Hilal, M. I. M; Kaushitha, K. P. A; ; Marketing
2015Impact of marketing mix on customer satisfaction towards Laptop Industry among the undergraduate studentsShameem, A.L.M; Riswan, A; ; Marketing
2019Impact of relationship quality on loyalty : with special customer reference of Insurance Industry in Sri LankaMubarak, K. M; Samarakoon, S. M. A. M; ; Marketing
2019Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction : a study of the hotel industry of Sri LankaHilal, M. I. M; Pathirana, L. P. E. R; ; Marketing
2015Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction with special reference to Life Insurance Industry in Sri LankaShameem, A. L. M. A; Karunarathna, G. M. S. M; ; Marketing
2019Impact of social media on destination brand image, tourist satisfaction and behavioral intentions of tourist visiting PasikkudahMubarak, K. M; Azath, S. M; ; Marketing
2009-01-25Implementation of the 13th amendment to Sri Lanka constitution and the grievances of Muslims in the Eastern and Northern provinces.Mohideen, M. I. M.
2008-12-25Implemention of the 13th amendment to Sri Lanka constitution: situation report-43Mohideen, M. I. M.
2006-Apr-02Independent Muslim participation in negotiations resolve ethnic grievances in Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
date issuedIslamic Tamil Literature A Select Bibliography of Ceylon Books (SJ008591)author name
2004-12Issues confronting the Muslims in the LTTE ISGA proposals and the peace process; report-24Mohideen, M. I. M.