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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
date issuedCeylon News letter (MK3783)author name
date issuedCeylon today and yesterday (MUP127)author name
2012-05-19Citation for honorary graduand -M.L.A. Cader : seventh general convocation 2012Mohamed Faleel liaque, K.M.
2001-12-28Citation for the award of the degree of doctors of letters (Honoris causa) first General convocation 2001Cader, M.L.A.
2003-10Conflict resolution between Tamils and Muslims for Peaceful co-existence in the North-East: report-07Mohideen, M. I. M.
issued_yearConstitution of Sri Lanka and electoral reforms (SJ008908)Author
-Constitutional reforms and power sharing in Sri Lanka: a discussion paperMohideen, M. I. M.
2015Consumer behavior on mobile banking services : special reference to AmparaIsmail, M. B. M; Wijerathana, R. M. N. P; ; Marketing
2015Consumer buying behavior among the undergraduatesShameem, A.L.M; Ranees, H. M. M; ; Marketing
2019Consumer purchase intention for organic food (with special reference to Kandy and Mathale district market environment)Sheham, A. M; Rathnayake, R. M. D. S; ; Marketing
2008-03-01ContentsJameel, S.H.M
2013-02-06Convocation address (external degree) : 8th general convocation - 2013Samaranayake, Gamini
2012-05-20Convocation address (external degrees) : 7th general convocation - 2012Frerks, George
2013-02-06Convocation address : 8th general convocation - 2013Nawaratne, Sunil Jayantha
2009-01-19Convocation address : fifth general convocation -2009Jiffry, M.T.M.
2001-12-28Convocation address : first general Convocation-2001Patil, V.T.
2012-05-19Convocation address : seventh general convocation - 2012 Nawaratne, Sunil Jayantha
2008-01-21Convocation address: fourth general convocation(morning session) - 2008Gunawardena, Chandra
2008-01-21Convocation address: fourth general convocation-2008Samaranayake, Gamini
2008-03-01Cover pageJameel, S.H.M