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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The evaluation of key factors affecting to intention to purchase on bottled drinking waterShameem, A. L. M. A; Jayathilaka, A. S. I; ; Marketing
2015The factors impact on brand preference : consumer perception towards plastic furnitureMubarak, K. M; Sandamal, T. M. B; ; Marketing
2019The impact of green marketing tools on consumer purchase intention and buying behavior (with special reference to Ampara district)Hilal, M. I. M; Aththanayaka, A. M. S. U; ; Marketing
2014The impact or customer relationship marketing tactics on customer loyalty with special reference to Airtel Lanka (PVT) LTD In Ampara districtMubarak, K. M; Fawzoon, N; ; Marketing
2015The influence of electronic word of mouth in social media on undergraduates purchase intension : a South Eastern University of Sri Lanka�s perspectivesSabraz Nawaz, S; Rifna, M. J. F; ; Marketing
2004-02The land rights question of Muslims in the north east; report-18Mohideen, M. I. M.
2014The marketing obstacles of farmers in Ampara districtHilal, M. I. Mujahid; Shoujanya, N; ; Marketing
2006-02-14The need for Muslim independent participation in the peace talks: report-32Mohideen, M. I. M.
2004-06The need for power sharing arrangements for the Muslims in the North East; report-19Mohideen, M. I. M.
-The need for power sharing arrangements for the Muslims in the North-East Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
2009-12-17The plight of Colombo Muslims and the national political parties in Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
2010-05-11The road map and special task force to resolve Muslims' grievances in Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
2014-07-25The road map to resolve Anti-Muslim activities by the Sinhala Buddhist supporters of Bodu Bala Sena in Sri LankaMohideen, M. I. M.
2015The study on the impact of push strategies on retailer's sales performance (special reference to Havoline car motor oil in Ampara districtHilal, M. I. M; Kumara, R. M. K. S; ; Marketing
-Title deed properties Northern province Muslims forcibly displaced by the LTTE in October 1990Mohideen, M. I. M.
-Undue delay in the allocation of houses constructed for the Tsunami victims in AkkaraipattuMohideen, M. I. M.
2015Urban, heritage tourism features and tourist satisfactionShameem, A. L. M. A; Dasanayake, S. S. B; ; Marketing
2004-12What price peace for North East Muslims?; report-23Mohideen, M. I. M.
date issuedWritings of S.M.Kamaldeenauthor
1993Writings of S.M.KamaldeenK.M.H. Kalideen